Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

Main Stairs - East and West

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St. John

West - Choir Loft Stairway


"The Resurrection"

Main (West-facing) Windows

Left - St. Luke

Right - St. John

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St. Matthew

West Nave Windows

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St. Luke

Jesus and St. John the Baptist

​Baptism in the Jordan

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St. Mark


Jesus in the Temple with the Elders

The windows in the church were installed in 1920.

"The Nativity"

Main (East-facing) Windows

Left - St. Matthew

Right - St. Mark

Other Windows


Center - Choir Loft

Choir Loft Stairway Detailed

East Nave Windows

Jesus handing St. Peter

the Keys to the Kingdom

Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane

East - Choir Loft Stairway


​The Parable of the Sower